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Stripe Payment Integration

Last modified: March 23, 2023
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  1. Go to the Company Settings at:
  2. Choose Payment Credentials and choose Stripe.
  3. See the Stripe tab.

In order to connect your Corpler application to a Stripe account, you need to have the account ready on Stripe to proceed!

Login to your Stripe account with Administrator Access, and Stripe Account’s API Keys By Navigating:

  1. Stripe Dashboard
  2. Developers section
  3. API Keys
  4. Copy the Publishable key
  5. Copy the Secret key

Note:Please make sure to turn off view test data!

Warning:Once copied Secret Key, please secure the copied key somewhere else like notepad, we will need that info later on!

After getting the Secret Key, please follow:

  1. Click to the Webhooks (located below API keys) –
  2. Click To “+ Add endpoint”
  3. In the Endpoint URL please add “
  4. In Events to send, choose:
  • Payment_intent.succeeded
  • Payment_intent.payment_failed
  • Invoice.payment_succeeded
  • Invoice.payment_failed

Then, save The Webhook by click on the button “Add endpoint”. Now as we added our endpoint, please follow the last steps for your Stripe integration:

  1. Click to the created Endpoints, i.e.:
  2. See the Signing Secret section, and click on the “Clik to reveal” button
  3. Copy the Signing Secret key
  4. Once done, please go back to
  5. Enter the required info that we have created:
  • Publishable Key
  • Stripe Secret
  • Stripe Webhook Secret

Now turn on the Stripe button, click Save and you are good to go!

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